Comments from Visitors


Zhang Hao, Co-founder, Trueman Brewing Co

I have always paid close attention to the CBCE, and this year it was still very elegant. We could find innovative wine-making equipment and various unique flavors and textures of raw materials in the exhibition. We all gained a lot. Thanks to CBCE for providing a broad communication platform for the majority of craft brewing professionals and also giving us full confidence in the future development of Chinese craft brewing industry. Looking forward to seeing CBCE 2022 brings Chinese craft beer industry to next new level!


Huang Jia, Technical Quality of Manufacturing Department
Shanghai Branch of China Resources Snow Breweries Co., Ltd.

This year CBCE has attracted many high-quality raw material and equipment suppliers, and the breweries were not inferior as well. A variety of innovative beer flavors on the exhibition provided a lot of inspiration for our company's future development. Thanks to CBCE for building such a high-end platform where we could continue to learn and explore through communication. Wish CBCE better and better!