Comments from Visitors

Liu Liu,     Technician of R&D Center of R&D Center of Beijing Yanjing Brewery (Guilin Liquan) Co., Ltd

This year's CBCE exhibition attracted many high-quality raw materials and equipment, and the breweries are also pretty good. They tasted various innovative beer flavors on site, providing many inspirations for our company's future development. Thank you to CBCE for creating such a high-end platform, allowing us to continuously learn and explore through communication and exchange. Wishing CBCE have a great success!

Yunhua Wang , Sales Manager of Shanxi Xinghua Liquor Industry Group Co., Ltd

It is an honor to participate in CBCE 2023. As a grand event in the domestic craft beer, CBCE cannot be missed. The raw materials, equipment, and craft beer at the exhibition are all the focus of our company's attention. Through this year's CBCE, we have also gained a lot of new knowledge. We hope CBCE can develop better and better!


Qingshu Guan , Executive President of Anhui Munich Beer Co., Ltd.​

CBCE was  hold successfully, it provided a good platform for Chinese craft beer  industry to communicate and learn from each other, and also provided an opportunity for the craft beer  to be fully displayed to society!


Weizhong Cao , Associate Professor of Tianjin Bohai Vocational and Technical College

CBCE 2023 is once again shining, with both familiar enterprises, familiar  friends, industry celebrities , as well as new  enterprises, new friends, and new knowledge. CBCE brings wonderful beer, hardcore knowledge, vibrant vitality, and endless business opportunities. Wishing CBCE better and better.


Hui Zhang , Supply Chain Director of Golden Sanmai (Suzhou) Catering Management Co., Ltd

This CBCE Craft Beer Exhibition has been well organized, and we hope that the scale will continue to expand in the future. The content of the conference will continue to improve, and we look forward to a wonderful CBCE!

Lingkai Li, Head of Raw Material Procurement Department of Shanghai Siwang Beverage Co., Ltd​

The overall visiting experience of CBCE was good. I found many high-quality raw materials and equipment at this exhibition, and discovered many unique and innovative raw materials and equipment, We gained a lot.  We look forward to seeing you in CBCE again next year!