Exhibition Introduction

The beer industry is changing with each passing day and developing rapidly, from the beer 1.0 (industrial lager) era to the beer 2.0 (craft beer) era. Nowadays, under the continuous fermentation of the craftsmanship wave, the craftsmanship has spread from the field of beer to spirits, and domestic beer owners have begun to show interest in this high-strength alcoholic beverage; in the past-epidemic era, consumers have shown their increasing pursuit to healthy life so that beer owners turn their attention to low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages... Chinese craft beer is heading towards the 3.0 era!

As Asia-Pacific’s one-stop craft beer platform, CBCE 2024 is an international event for the craft beer industry and leading in Asia. Compared with previous years, this year's exhibition has extended its outer boundaries in the two major directions of high-strength alcoholic beverages and low-alcoholic beverages, accurately grasping the industry's weather vane, and leading everyone to witness the new wave of craft brewing. The exhibition parallel to the conference 2024 will invite delegates and industry professionals over for a visit. On this more tangible platform you will get the chance to meet professionals and exchange about the latest trends in the craft brewing industry. Almost 350 national and international brewers and related businesses will present their unique products and technologies at this show. The range of exhibited products includes a variety of closely selected raw and processed craft brewing materials, manufacturing equipment, the latest technology as well as consulting services.

Name of the Exhibition

Exhibition Date
April 25 – 27, 2024

Welcome to join CBCE 2024!