Comments from Exhibitors

Chunling Ma, CEO Of CGET, Angie Bio-Fermentation Equipment Tech Co., Ltd

 CBCE2021 is an authoritative international event for the craft beer industry in Asia. As an outstanding brand of domestic craft beer equipment, Zhongde CGET presented craft beer "BT2F" technology and LTB series intelligent second selling system for the first time in this exhibition, and welcomed the market boom of craft beer industry with innovative technology and high-quality service. Always adhere to technological innovation and market promotion, not afraid of challenges, 24 years of industry technology accumulation and sincere dedication, won the customer's praise. Thank CBCE for this platform, and sincerely hope that CBCE will do better and better. I look forward to seeing you next year. 

Chenlu Shao,Domestic Alcoholic Beverages Sales Manager Of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd

On May 2021, there are lots of new craft brewing brands showing on Shanghai CBCE Asia Craft Brewing Exhibition.During the exhibition, Angel presented a full range of products and application solutions, focusing on the "Application Solutions of Non-Saccharomyces Yeast in Sour Beer Brewing". New flavor yeast CVE-7 debuted for the first time which meets the industry's localization development trend with excellent testing results and high cost-effectiveness, helping brewers with flavored sour beer. The yeasts are highly expected and recognized by brewers. Thank you CBCE for the excellent and efficient service. See you next year!

Jianing Shi, Sales Manager Of Greater China, Fermentis

Chinese craft brewing market will develop vigorously in 2021, and practitioners and consumers are extremely concerned about the product and beer trends in the craft beer segment. As a leading yeast supplier, Fermentis has been working closely with CBCE along the way to provide good raw materials and technical services for the production of high-quality and high-stability craft beer. CBCE builds a bridge with a full range of channels to provide us with commercial opportunities, so that the wise choice of fermented beverages will shine, and we look forward to exploring more innovative cooperation with you at CBCE! 

Yuening Huang,GM of Ningbo Lehui International Engineering Equipament Co.,Ltd

Shanghai CBCE Craft Beer Exhibition, let us see the prosperity of Chinese craft beer industry. I hope that more craft beer entrepreneurs from all over the world will meet us at the exhibition next year. Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the Shanghai CBCE Craft Beer Exhibition and wish gloriousness for next year.

Max Ma,Marketing & Sales Director of Greater China,Talos Technology Co.,Ltd

This year CBCE has met a lot of new and old friends in the craft brewing circle. Thank CBCE for providing such a good platform, so that participants in each part of the craft brewing supply chain can gather together to exchange information and find suitable partners. I wish a bright future for CBCE!