Review 2016

Brewery Tour
Founded in 2008, Reberg Beer is the first small craft brewery that has QS certification in Shanghai. Reberg Beer has a team of 60 people and monthly output volume of 120 tons. CBCE will bring you to its brewery in Songjiang to gain a solid knowledge of its production line and exchange experiences in running brewery.

Book Signing

Fred Bueltmann
Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy A philosophy of food & drink
(limited quantity 20)

Steve Hindy
The Craft Beer Revolution
(limited quantity 50)

Chris White
Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation (t.b.c.)

Yin Hai
Nbeer Bible - The Ultimate Guide to Everything Craft Beer

Beer Tasting
Please enjoy more than 20 craft beer from Boxing Cat, Reberg, Slow Boat, Great Leap, Jing A, Chengdu Harvest, Nbeer, Urbrau,Goose Island, New Holland, Zinnbach and more local and international breweries... for FREE!

Shanghai Beer Week
Shanghai Beer Week is an entire week devoted to the celebration of those who devote themselves to the production of better beer. We view this festival as our opportunity to introduce new consumers to the flavorful and dynamic experience that is craft beer. During the week, people are invited to food pairings, brewery tours, beer tastings and a whole host of other events, culminating in the weekend beer festival-the grand finale that brings the entire beer community together.

Shanghai Beer Week kicks off on May 20th with a boat cruise down the Huangpu River, giving revelers the opportunity to enjoy their evening in the company of local brewers. Additional events for the beer week will take place from May 21st through the 27th at local bars, restaurants and participating businesses. The final event is the Annual May Beer Festival Hosted by Boxing Cat Brewery on May 28th and 29th.

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