Exhibition News

Annual Grand Meeting in Craft Beer Industry Came Again and CBCE 2019 Was Closed Grandly
  • An exhibition scale of 15,000 square meters
  • Well‐known craft beer brands from China and abroad gathered at CBCE 2019
  • 10,649 trade visitors from 45 countries and more than 233 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions have been onsite
  • 34 influential guest speakers from different parts of the world shared unique insights with over 800 craft beer professionals
  • More than 150,000 clicks and 90,000 votes received for the 2nd CBCE Craft Beer Star Award
With careful preparations made by sponsors NürnbergMesse China Co., Ltd., China Light Industry Machinery Association and Beerlink for one year, the eye-catching CBCE 2019 in the industry was grandly closed on May 17th in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

As the most authoritative professional exhibition in the whole industry chain of craft beer industry in China and even Asia, CBCE has always regarded driving the development of China’s craft beer as its own task and been devoted to building a high-quality internationalized one-station whole-industry-chain platform in craft beer established in the industry and serving for enterprises since being founded in 2016.

Along with the general situation of upgrading beer consumption and the common belief that China will surely become a world-leading consumption market of craft beer, the platform CBCE has attracted close attention from more and more enterprises and brands, associations and organizations as well as industry-university-research institutes in the field of craft beer at home and abroad and professionals in the whole industry. Thanks to the support and great kindness of the whole industry, the exhibition for three days this year has greatly promoted in the number of exhibitors, brand awareness, professional degree and gold content of conferences on year-on-year basis, diversity of site activities and other indexes than exhibitions in last year and previous exhibitions.

Famous Brand Suppliers Gathered Together

CBCE 2019 gathered raw materials, production technology devices and technical services from 11 countries and regions in the world and 223 professional exhibitors in the realm of beer brewing and sales. Raw material brands included Barth-Haas, Yakima, COFCO, Angel Yeast, Hopsteiner, Ohmine, White Labs, Castle Malting, Bohemian hops, Dele, SBI and so on; brewing equipment brands included HGM, Kelang Shengwu, Lehui, Krones, CIMC, Sinostar, Canan, Jukai, Maxtor, Tiantai, Eagle, Tianzhao Runheng, Weihai Yuanhang, etc.; filling and packaging brands included Talos, KHS, Michelo, Goose, Jinfu, RS, etc.; water treatment brands included Pentair, SPX, Sifang, etc.; craft beer brands include Panda, Reberg, Boxing Cat, Mengxiang, URBRAU, Thredbo, Lanbao, No. 18, Kirin, Cheerday, Yanjing, etc.;

VIP Services Helped to Invite Audiences

Except that the mainstream audiences of the exhibition were from breweries and beverage enterprises from all over the country, there were many from catering, bars and starred hotels. Traditional beer brands, such as ABInBev, Tsingtao, Snow, Yanjing, Heineken, Cheerday, Munchenal, Paulaner, Kaiser, and other well-known breweries attended to visit. What is more, this year, the sponsors provided special VIP visit services for large-scale dealers, supermarkets, catering and other channels, invited purchasers from famous channels such as Beer Lady, China Resources Vanguard, Haidilao and Yonghui Superstores and meanwhile attracted many head chefs from high-end restaurants such as Morton’s Steakhouse, Peninsula Hotel, Huatianli Organic Restaurant, Daronghe Organic Restaurant, Yuluxe Sheshan A Tribute Portfolio Hotel Shanghai, Hotel Nikko Shanghai, Dadong (Shanghai) Catering Management Co., Ltd., Wandao Japanese Cuisine and so on to seek for new categories by their reputations and paied a visit to the exhibition for the first time, which helped craft beer brands to expand marketing channels and generalize brands. 

New Round of International Masters Gathered Together at International Seminar and Stars from Different Industries Got Together in Endless Stream

China International Craft Beer Seminar has been polished for several years with a wide range of investigations and surveys in the industry. In 2019, sponsors set up seven plates for the seminar: “global industry policy and tendency”, “management and technologies of international craft breweries”, “technology and development of fresh beer”, “microbiological treatment knack in brewery technology”, “experience sharing of Chinese breweries” and “market strategy and channel development of craft beer” which drew a lot of attention. 34 heavy-weight guest speakers from all over the world including founders of famous brands, beer makers, experts from authoritative enterprises in industry and research institutions and marketing master-hands in FNCG field and crossover brand builders sincerely invited by the sponsors gathered together at CBCE during May 15th to 16th and shared profound background and wide future market of craft beer with everyone. 

Exceptional figures from China and other countries enriched CBCE, including Steve Parr, Export Development Program Manager of Brewers Association, Tiago M Brandao, President of European Brewery Convention , Shigeharu Asagir, CEO & President of Japan COEDO Brewery, Qing Li, Founder of Urbrau Brewing, Qi Jiang, The master brewer of Wuhan 18 Brewing, Zhihong Zhou, CEO of Yangchun Brewery, Hui Cao, Founder of Shanghai Reberg Brewing Co. Ltd. The content they shared was greatly inspiring and beneficial to the audience.

Colorful Accompany Programs

Many exclusive activities were also held in CBCE 2019: on Master Beer Tasting Party presided by the top expert in craft beer industry Luc De Raedemaker, he taught the unique cheats of tasting craft beer to over one hundred operators of bars and restaurants and beer makers attracted by its reputation; publication and signing session of new books about beer co-sponsored by China Light Industry Press; exclusive lecture set by Master of Sommelier from Cirecone to instruct craft beer brewery course; selection activity and prize-awarding ceremony for the 2nd CBCE Craft Beer Star Award with over 300,000 people to take part in selection; interesting craft beer knowledge award-winning quiz composed by Beer Daily’s editor-in-chief; and Craft Beer Forum with founders of brands such as Panda, Reberg, Mengxiang, and URBRAU sharing experience and brand stories. Thus, it became an information exchange and sharing platform with wide reach and lasting influence for exhibitors and trade visitors.

A successful and professional industry exhibition should be a mirror in the industry and from the mirror CBCE 2019, we obviously see thriving craft beer industry keeping pace with the times. No wonder we hear such feedbacks from exhibitors and audiences heaps of times: we deeply love craft bear and we come to the right place for CBCE! 

Next year, CBCE 2020 will still open its doors at Hall 2 of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center on May 13, 2020. An one‐stop service platform for local and international craft beer exhibitors and trade visitors that facilitates information sharing, product promotion, matchmaking, education, marketing and trade in the craft beer industry. CBCE 2020 is expected to be a must‐visit event for the craft beer industry.