2020 Conference Introduction

It is believed that many practitioners of craft beer have the same thoughts. So, it is necessary to cultivate not only consumers but also professional practitioners to develop the craft beer market in China as well as to attract more investments and resources. Therefore the Conference of Craft Beer China Exhibition & Conference 2020 (CBCE 2020) will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center , the exhibition will run from May 15 to 17. About 40 people, who are founders and brewers of famous brands, experts from authorities and colleges from China and abroad, will be invited to share their professional knowledge and insight views.

In order to offer a platform to all kinds of practitioners of craft beer, CBCE 2020 will focus on 8 different highly demanded subjects like Craft Beer Industry Policy & Trends, Management, Operation & Business Insights, Technology, Draft & Fresh Beer, Microbiology & QA for Craft Brewers , Chinese Craft Breweries Experience Sharing, Marketing & Channels and The operation & Business development in Restaurants & Catering.