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Agenda of 2017

17th May
Seminar 1
Topic Speaker
Keynote Speech Bob Pease, President & CEO of Brewers Association
The way of international for Chinese craft beers Luc De Raedemaker, Director of Brussels Beer Challenge,Editor in Chief of BIER Magazine, Honorable Editor in Chief of BEER Link Magazine
The Japanese craft beer market and policy - an overview Ry Beville, President of Japan Beer Times
Craftmanship:the soul of craft beer Guangtian Zhou, Member of National Beer Standarzition Committee, Dean of Doemens Asian Academy, Professor of Qilu University
The secretes behind a perfect beer using the example of Ratebeer Dave Cole, Founder of Epic Brewing
From 0 to No. 39 breweries in 6 years Kevin Selvy, Founder and brewmaster of Crazy Mountain
How to slow down brewing for a better quality Dr. August Gresser, CEO Slow Brewing e.V
Seminar 2
Topic Speaker
Future policy of Craft Beer Industry Yong He, General Secretary of China Beer Association
How do big breweries consider about craft beer? Mingbo Sun, President of Tsingtao
Yeast Management in craft breweries  Gerrit Blumelhuber, Managing Director Department Services of Doemens Academy 
Wild Yeast Fermentation of Sour Beer Willem Van Herreweghen,  Brewing consultant
Belgian Fruit Beers - The way of Fermentation  Christopher McGregor, Brewmaster and Owner McGregor Translation and Consulting 
18th May
Seminar 1
Topic Speaker
10 things you need to know before starting a craft brewery -the good and bad Dinghao Pang, Founder of Beijing Panda Brewery
What should a local craft brewery be aware of during the fast growing?  Hui Cao, President of Shanghai Reberg brewery
Craft your brand Songtsen Gyalzur, CEO of Shangri-la Highland Craft Brewery
Rebranding Concerns Guanting Ye, President of Taiwang Le BleDor Brewery
Barell Aging, Wooden Chips and other possibilities
for an enhancing of beer
Hans-Peter Drexler, Schneider Weisse 
The right way of maturation - Get a bright beer without filtration Christopher McGregor,Brewmaster and Owner McGregor Translation and Consulting 
Seminar 2
Topic Speaker
Possibilities for Craft Brewer to evaluate the quanlity of malt Frank Li, Country Malt Group
Fermentation - Some common mistakes and some basic principles Gerrit Blumelhuber, Managing Director Department Services of Doemens Academy 
How to build good distributors and keys to a successful brewery and distributor relationship Xiaojing Zhang, GM of Shenzhen Diamond Trading company 
Yeast Strain Selection for Beer Styles  Dr. Chris White, Founder & CEO of White Labs

CBCE 2017

Date: May 17-19, 2017
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center