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Specially Invited Speaker at 2016 CBCE: Chris White, founder of White Labs: Yeast – Shaper of the Soul of Beer

While hops and malt give beer the life, yeast, a microorganism invisible to the naked eye, gives beer the soul. It’s because of the existence of yeast that beer becomes an alcoholic beverage. The alcoholic content in beer is generated from yeast fermentation, and some special aroma and flavor are also byproducts of yeast fermentation. For example, the unique sour taste and banana-like flavor of wheat beer are generated from wheat yeast fermentation. Therefore, it is not the slightest exaggeration to say that yeast gives beer the soul.

Today, I’m honored to introduce to you our distinguished speaker, Mr. Christ White, who is the founder and CEO of White Labs, a famous yeast producer in the United States.

Mr. White founded White Labs in 1995. Apart from developing and producing beer yeast, White Labs also provides yeast products for other varieties of alcoholic drinks, such as wine and distilled liquor. Before starting his own company, Mr. White earned his doctorate in biochemistry from the University of California and his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from U.C. Davis, a prestigious institution in the United States. During his years at U.C. Davis, he worked as an intern for Genentech, the world's first biotech company, which helped him to gain invaluable experience for starting White Labs.

Mr. White is also the co-author of Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation, which is a book highly popular among beer brewers. As one of the must-have guides for craft beer brewers, this book can help us understand basic knowledge about beer yeast.

The mission of White Labs is to provide brewers with pure and highly active varieties of yeast. Besides, it is also developing new yeast varieties for other alcoholic drinks. From the mere provision of liquid yeast at the very beginning to the development of packaged dry yeast now, White Labs has always been committed to the goal of creating the best and purest yeast products for its clients.

For this visit to China, Mr. White has prepared a lot of invaluable information to share with you, such as the technique of beer yeast propagation and how to separate the yeast we can use from wild yeast. Of course, Mr. White will also address the questions that Chinese beer brewers are most concerned about.

CBCE 2019

Date: May 15-17, 2019
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center