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Specially Invited Speaker at 2016 CBCE: Mark Meckler, founder of Crafting A Strategy: How to Make the Craft Beer Industry Blossom in China

With the tremendous craze for craft beer sweeping the globe, craft beer has gained a lot of popularity in China within just a few years, and unlimited potentials and promising prospects for the Chinese craft beer industry seem to be unfolding in front of us. However, in reality, a positive and healthy environment is yet to be developed in China for craft beer. At present, we cannot even find in China a proper definition for craft beer, so there are so many issues and industrial standards for us to work on.

Fortunately, we have a good example, America, to learn from. After more than 30 years of development, the American craft beer industry has established robust industrial processes and systems and has created enormous business value and benefits. Nowadays, the craft beer industry is not only creating job opportunities and changing people’s drinking habits but also generating enormous business value. This is something we really should think about.

Mr. Mark Meckler, our honorable guest, is an expert on these issues. He co-founded Crafting A Strategy with Sam Holloway, who is also a distinguished expert we have just introduced to you.

Mr. Meckler has multinational working experience. Before finishing his PhD program in management, he used to be a well trained Chef de Partie. Besides, he also worked as the manager of the food and beverage department of a holiday hotel on the island of Aruba.

After his return to New York, Mr. Meckler worked as a financial analyst of closed-end funds for Baring Securities. Afterwards, he started his tenure as an associate professor for 16 years of teaching in the State of New York. Based on his rich experience in hospitality management and financial investment, he came up with the idea of commercializing the craft beer industry and co-founded Crafting A Strategy with Mr. Holloway to provide professional business solutions for craft beer entrepreneurs.

Today, Mr. Meckler will deliver a speech at the CBCE, titled Ethic of the Craft Brewing Industry: Pride, Cultural Stability, Civic Health, and Economic Health.

According to Mr. Meckler, a robust craft beer industry is good for both the Chinese economy and ordinary Chinese people as it will create more job opportunities and produce better beer for more people. Currently, the most important question is how to fuse the concept of craft beer into the traditional beer culture in China. Although China started producing beer more than a century ago, it is far behind Europe and America and even its neighbor Japan in terms of the beer culture. Today, Mr. Meckler will explain to us the culture and market that contribute to the booming craft beer industry in America and how their successful business model is tested and verified. Mr. Meckler believes that the emerging craft beer industry in China is bound to experience rapid growth in the next few years. As the industry becomes more regulated, it will be a significant driver behind the future development of the Chinese economy as China boasts a tremendous consumer population that is coveted by the rest of the world. He hopes that the craft beer industry in China can thrive in the future.

CBCE 2019

Date: May 15-17, 2019
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center