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Craft Beer China Conference & Exhibition 2019 (CBCE 2019) is co-organized by NürnbergMesse China, The Beer Link and the China Light Industry Machinery Association. Positioned like this, CBCE 2019 is an international event for the craft beer industry and leading in Asia.

CBCE 2019 will organize several outstanding, high-level and deeply focused seminars. At these seminars, foreign industry associations and top media will introduce the status quo of their home-based industry and experiences from abroad while revealing the trends of the Chinese craft beer industry in the future. Craft beer experts will share the latest raw material treatment and brewing technologies with the audience, founders of domestic and foreign well-known breweries will provide insights of their operating experience of breweries and brand management methods. Domestic well-established distributors and well-known e-commerce platforms will discuss marketing channels of craft beer and new retail models, and experts from the cold chain and logistics industry will give ideas how to solve the main problems of the industry and provide solutions of storage and logistics. Last but not least, well-known investment institutions will be invited, so local craft beer projects can have the opportunity to get interesting investment contacts.

Already at CBCE 2018 the visitors and delegates experienced several accompanying programs such as the craft beer community and forum, beer tastings, the wisdom wall, technical consulting, new products lanuches, the competition of the Chinese Craft Beer Star Award & the Chinese Craft Beer Popularity Award. Besides that, CBCE 2019 will newly launch more activities to bring visitors an even more exciting experience.

Professional visitors and delegates of CBCE 2019 will be domestic and foreign beer makers, beer tasters, professionals from the catering industry, senior executives of large beer enterprises, professionals from medium-sized and small breweries, manufacturers, distributors, agents and retailers. On top of that CBCE is awaiting official authorities, beer associations / chambers of commerce from various countries, provinces and cities, experts and scholars of food specialties from colleges and research institutes, investment institutions, industrial designers, brand planners and of course domestic as well as foreign media.

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CBCE 2019

Date: May 15-17, 2019
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center